Nano is here to stay: Deal with it.

Based LeMahieu
5 min readFeb 27, 2021

Why 3 words will ignite a crypto-revolution.

If you are a crypto junkie who hangs around the latest crypto-forums you might have stumbled upon a thread of annoyed and exasperated crypto-nerds complaining about the outrageous transaction times, escalating transaction fees, and the immoral energy costs related to specific cryptocurrencies.

An example of many such posts.

These threads typically involve the two dominant proof-of-work (POW) tokens: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which now account for over 1 trillion dollars of combined investment. In the world of crypto these two decentralized systems are in a league of their own, but with great success comes growing pains and BTC/ETH have now begun to radiate pain, fees, & misfortune upon their users and society. Bitcoin, now 10+ years into its rise, is far from a functioning P2P digital cash system, and Ethereum, a platform for decentralized applications, is still several undetermined updates away from becoming the global decentralized supercomputer that was originally envisioned.

As both of these systems become increasingly adopted, their inability to scale is again becoming ever more apparent to the millions of users who have invested and transact on their network.

And in these 1000+ comment threads of annoyed and exasperated users, there is a small but persistent community of enthusiastic people uttering these three words:

“Just use Nano”

The transaction fees/wait times that ignite these posts.

Depending on the mood of the crypto community that day, or the level of benevolence toward Nano users, these three words can either be the top voted comment on the thread, or buried at the very bottom… bombarded with downvotes, and accusations of “Shilling” or pushing your coin annoyingly on other users.

Many people who use crypto know about Nano, they know that there is this *thing* out there existing with no fees, near-instant transaction times, and low-cost energy consumption. But for most crypto users Nano has been always in the periphery. It’s been a technology that sounds too good to be true, and therefore it must be.

So with that comes inherent skepticism and harsh criticism.

But like a thorn in the crypto-communities side, Nano doesn’t seem to go away. Its community is growing larger. It’s market-cap slowly increasing. Nano hasn’t faded into obscurity like so many coins did after the 2017 bubble. This simple but efficient coin offers no fancy smart contracts, no outlandish promises of future updates, and no attractive staking rewards.

Yet it powers on.

At the end of the day: what the Nano community realized was that a majority of cryptocurrency use can be reduced to a simple A to B transfer of value. Regardless of token. Regardless of project/vision. Even with those fancy smart contracts. Even with the enticing sales pitches which promise a superior store of value. All of these systems depend on users being able to distribute their value across their preferred network from one end to the other.

Most commonly users move their coins from exchanges to their wallets or from their wallets to an exchange. And with that comes a harsh penalty from these networks, and the mere use of many of these popular coins instills a negative feeling in the user. As a result, you get a 1000+ comment thread on Reddit about outrageous crypto-fees, wait times, and an overall feeling of being scammed.

The truth is. Most cryptocurrencies are an adequate store of value. But where they differ the most, is in their ability to transfer this value efficiently. Nano stores value like the rest, but the penalty of movement of that value is the lowest in the marketplace. In order to make a Nano transaction, all a user must do is provide a small computational proof-of-work to act as a deterrence to spam, and their value is distributed across the network in under a second. No fee. No massive energy input. and no bad feeling that you just got scammed. It just works.

So when a Nano user sees these threads where the crypto-community is up in arms about the injustice of fees, they can’t help but say:

“Just use Nano”

If you are just storing and moving value.

“Just use nano.”

And because Nano exists almost by itself in this foreign world of “no-fees”, it will always the example given until the problem is solved. Nano will always be the extremist. It’s at the far end of the bell curve.

There are some crypto’s with some fees, low fees, or reduced fees, but ….

no fees?”.

As a result, Nano will always be brought up. Nano will always be relevant.

“Hey buddy… You don’t like fees? Well here is your answer, a system *inherently* designed to be void of fees. You’re welcome. Just use nano.”

Therefore Nano will always be a thorn in the crypto community’s side. Nano is the not so gentle reminder to everyone at the top of crypto, that the solutions they seek are not only possible, but that these solutions *already* exist and they exist in ways that go against the very foundation of their own protocols. The solution that Nano provides is uncomfortable for many crypto enthusiasts because it cannot be easily implemented into BTC or ETH, and no update could manifest them in their own version of cryptocurrency.

What Nano showed to the puzzlement of the crypto community was that you don’t need miners. You don’t need staking rewards. The only incentive you really needed was a system worth preserving, and for power to be distributed amongst the community in an increasingly decentralized manner. As it turns out owning value within the system and directly benefiting from the efficiency of the system was the only true reward needed.

This efficiency is what keeps Nano pushing forward. This efficiency is what attracts people to run nodes. This efficiency is what keeps Nano in the conversation. Nano exists because it’s comprised of a decentralized community that values its existence. It’s resistant against attack because it has a community that is incentivized by its own efficient existence.

So it’s no surprise that the Nano community is *vocal* about its existence.

So whenever the topic of fees, or wait times, or energy consumption emerges and people crowd online forums desperate to preserve and transact their value.

Nano users will always emerge from the shadows, and utter those three words:

“Just use Nano”

because Nano is the answer that these people seem to be looking for. Nano is the logical conclusion right in front of their faces. Nano is the extremist that just won’t die.

And to skeptics dismay after 5+ years functioning as intended, it’s becoming increasingly clear that

Nano isn’t going away.

Nano is always in the conversation.

Nano is here to stay.

Deal with it.



Based LeMahieu

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