The Art of Crypto-Persuasion

Based LeMahieu
4 min readFeb 15, 2021


Make them laugh

People are miserable and scared. Many people enter Crypto not because they are interested in blockchain and see revolutionary potential in the technology. They enter crypto in cycles because it offers them a escape. Prices are increasing. They see something that could increase their bank account. An escape from unsatisfying life and crypto offers them a lottery ticket into a better life.

If they HODL a coin into the moon, maybe they wont have to go into work tomorrow. Or they can finally repay their student loans. Or they can pay off their medical debt. Crypto is magnet for the disadvantaged, the unsatisfied, the alienated.

Because of this there are predators everywhere. Marketing teams that seek to pull these vulnerable people into projects with no future, questionable technology, and promises that will likely never materialize.

As someone who has been involved in crypto for years, it makes me fucking depressed. To see people whipped into a frenzy year after year, only to be slammed into the ground by reality, often walking away worse off then they began.

After each crash, the desperate masses leave in a mass migration and the people that remain are a select few newly created crypto enthusiasts and anyone crazy enough to HODL through the madness.

This creates an environment where at every corner of crypto are people who have become so personally invested in their coin that they ignore all logic and reason. You can present arguments against their coins/investments and they won’t budge. This is because they are not holding onto their to coins/beliefs about due to any logical reason. They are holding onto their beliefs because they are scared. Scared that this thing they’ve put so much time and energy into wont pay off. They are scared that the world is more complicated then they assumed. They are scared they got manipulated into a thing they didn’t truly understand. This creates a feedback loop that can be virtually impenetrable with logic and reason.

And because of this.. even in the face of mounting problems. Inefficiencies in their project they push forward. Explaining away the obvious problems with outlandish narratives about how in 6 months everything will be solved.

This creates and ecosystem of absurdity. Where value has no connection to reality.

A reality where Bitcoin uses the energy of Switzerland to function. A reality where a coin with a dog picture slapped on it can reach a market-cap of 10 billion dollars after a few Elon tweets. And a reality where a man just purchased a plot of virtual land for 1.5 million in Ethereum.

With that said. I like Nano. Is Nano exempt from any of these concerns? Absolutely not. We are all price hogs. Waiting for our investments to pay off just like the rest. Stuck in our own idealogical rabbit holes. Nano’s price fluctuates with the wind and with little logic. But Nano excites me because I’m a crypto nerd. I like using it. Messing around with it with my friends. It’s eco-friendly, quick, cheap. I am a simple person and for me personally Nano checks all the boxes of what I want out of crypto. I could see it helping people transfer and store value efficiently/ethically across globe.

The Nano community (like many crypto communities) is largely made of people are dissatisfied with current systems of value storage and transfer in the crypto marketplace, and we are very critical of the current power structure leading crypto which relies on high energy costs, fees, and marketing tactics that oversell what their project can accomplish. We believe there is certain level of immorality at the top of crypto. The meme of the Nano shill bombarding crypto message boards advocating for their coin largely comes from the idea that Nano fanatics believe that they have morality on their side. And I kind of agree.

With that said. Will Nano become the base layer system of value in the digital age and be worth $10,000,000 per coin?

Probably not. Thats fucking absurd.

Nano is absurd like the rest. It’s all just so fucking absurd.

So if you are in this marketplace of absurdity and you still feel like you legitimately have something to offer:

Point out the absurdity. And make them laugh.

And in that engagement with other projects and people. Show them that an alternative version of crypto can exist. One the prioritizes reality and community.

A version of crypto where the goal is to gain more than an appreciating asset to increase their bank account.

A crypto where by simple engagement with the technology and participation with the community brings a certain level of value and humor to their life.

Everyone knows this shit is absurd. We are all looking for an escape. We are all looking for the same thing.

Because underneath that desperate need to make money , is a deeper need to feel accepted. To feel happiness. To feel joy and to share/connect with another person. To feel understood and validated.

So lets just start there.

Because laughter can do all of those things when facts/logic fail.



Based LeMahieu

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